Friday, October 26, 2012

Prediction: Pain

When asked for his prediction of the outcome in the big bout in Rocky III, villan Clubber Lang answers simply...


If you want to talk about how good of a line was or how great that film was we can. Today I'd rather talk about what I think the Beavers can inflict on Washington Saturday night in Seattle.

This year's Beavers have done a great job of growing and doing enough each week to seize control of a game and get the win. What's most important is that they have changed the brand of football they play and the manner in which they play it. Physicality, controlling the line of scrimmage and controlling the clock lead to WINS. I don't see any reason that won't continue this week.

Another night game, another road conference tilt? You bet! But our Beavers have shown they are up for any challenge. If do most of these:

Play physical and control the line of scrimmage
Run the ball for 100 yards or more
Keep Sean Mannion upright and give him time
Stretch the field on offense
Pressure Washington QB Keith Price
Control the clock
Win the turnover battle

They will win...

I say it will be 24-14 Beavers!


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