Monday, November 5, 2012

Short-Handed Beavers Get Big Win

Saturday's 36-26 win over ASU in Corvallis proved that the Beaver's can and did respond to adversity in order to win when they must.

All-world cornerback Jordan Poyer didn't play. Starting RB Storm Woods played just the first series and former starting QB Sean Mannion held a clipboard and watched Cody Vaz ably direct the OSU offense. The result... a slow, somewhat disjointed first half followed by a dominant second half and a convincing win. While the scoreboard showed that OSU won by only ten points, the game wasn't that close for most of the second half.

On Track:
Big plays on offense
Defense bottles up a very mobile QB
Ground game does the job
Win the turnover battle

Cause for Concern:
O-Line gives up too many sacks
Slow (could have been disastrous) start


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